What to Do After You Get Stomach Flu


Are you experiencing a headache after stomach flu? Well, that could indicate that you had a serious flu and you are yet to recover fully. Apart from the headaches, you may feel fatigued, weak, feel chills, and experience pain such as body aches and stomach cramps. One of the great risks of stomach flu is dehydration.

Dehydration will set in if you have been vomiting and experiencing diarrhea for more than a few days and not taking enough fluids to replace what you have lost. To mitigate that risk, you will need to take as much fluids as you can manage as soon as you start to vomit or diarrhea. Children of all ages, elderly people, and people who have a weakened immune system stand a greater risk of becoming dehydrated and getting other complications related to dehydration. In such cases, the condition can be fatal if not treated on time.

When to See a Doctor
If as an adult your stool or vomit contains some blood or your temperature exceeds 104 degrees Fahrenheit, then you should see a doctor. If your child’s temperature is 102 degrees Fahrenheit, or their stool or vomit contains some blood, you should take them to see a doctor immediately. In the case of infants, if they have not had a wet diaper for over six hours, they are crying without tears, has severe diarrhea, their vomit or stool contains some blood, or they are unresponsive, you should take them to a child clinic immediately.
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